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It’s simple! We do the research, write the content and then promote it. Whether you are an individual, small business or enterprise, we have packages to meet your needs and reach your company goals.

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We are a small team with a big reach and years of experience. We have access to some of the best consultants and content writers in the business and the success to back it up.  Our small team allows us to have a more personal relationship with our clients, understand their online goals and streamline the content marketing process.    

Molly Austin

Molly Austin

CEO, Internet Marketing Specialist

Molly is a results-oriented and outgoing internet marketer and web designer. She has an eye for design and is fast-paced, forward-thinking, and prides herself on delivering a top-quality product, with great customer service, professionalism, knowledge, and communication. Prior to taking over an internet marketing company, Molly was a successful real estate agent, and an agent trainer, for 11 years before moving into a CEO position and launching a new company in Missoula, Montana. In 8 short months, her company had successfully closed over $86 million in real estate sales and was the second-largest company, per agent count, 3rd in units sold and 3rd in volume, in her market area.

What People Say About Us..

Molly and her team took on Composite Agency’s assignment to help launch Australian RV rental company “Travellers Autobarn” in the United States.

Their efficient approach and in-depth knowledge to maximize Travellers Autobarn’s website performance for the American market, partnered with highly effective SEO and thoroughly researched SEM resulted in a 100% booking rate for Travellers Autobarn.

A job well done. Thanks.

Duco Muller

CEO, Composite Agency

Molly has proven herself to be a true collaborative partner and an extension of my marketing agency for all things related to web development. What I appreciate about Molly is her meticulous attention to detail, her ability to effectively and efficiently communicate with my customers, her troubleshooting prowess and her willingness to take on any project–large or small–always delivering on time, and on budget. She is keenly adept at design, user experience, and content development with a focus on the search engine-friendliness of a site. Bottom line: her work consistently exceeds my expectations and I simply LOVE working with her!
Carol Blodgett

CEO, Blodgett Marketing

Molly and I have worked together for the last 10 years. I have always found Molly to have high morals and standards to which I appreciate. She works at a level of competency on every project and prides herself on being a team player. Molly is a good communicator and gives outstanding customer service. Her attention to detail will stand out from all others. Molly is top notch!!
Chay Hughes

Real Estate Advisor

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